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**ok I have just recive shoes :1) they are great :2) thank you very much. greetings from Poland :3) I have one question. Are you selling clothes ?? because I found link with pictures of them in your page. If yes where I can know about their prices??**

**thank's michel lin, i received my shoes today. My kids love them, you will here from me in the future. once again thanks for all your time.**

**We got all the shoes. thank you so much.You will be hearing from us a lot in the future for lots of shoes.So dont forget our address we will order lots of shoes.**

**Hello My Friend,Yes, the shoes have arrived. They look really nice. My sister liked it so much that I gave her that one along with the purse, :). Wishing you a great sucessful year. Kia**

**Hi Mr. Lin .I now have all of my order and I thank you for your time. I am very happy with all the shoes and I will be doing more business with you soon in the future.**

**hi I bought some shoes from u guys a couple of weeks ago i loved them. I a business man and u guys down in china have the best prices on things and i was wondering do you know of any good tire and chrome wheel dealers around around your area or an website you can send me too i would appreciate your help if you can thank you.**

**I recived my final package today, and I have listed all of them for sale. I am very pleased with your products and I hope to do a lot of business with you in the near future. All my listings should be sold by this coming friday, so Monday I will order 20 cases. Thank you.**

**Thankyou very much for client offer,you are first supplier to meet our needs efficiently**

**thank you. I really appreciate it and will continue to do business with your company because you do good work.**

**Ok. Look for my order in the next two days. I need about 50 to 70 different pairs of shoes. I'll contact you in a couple of days. I need to put my list together so I can give it to you. Thanks for shoes and your business. I will continue doing business with you becuase of the quality. Can I get the authentic cards on all the new Jordans? Let me know and thank you again.**

**You are the best. Thank you. We hope to contiue buying from you weekly. Scott**


**Good Afternoon (here), I wanted to thank you for my order I placed with you last week. The sneakers look wonderful. You are truly the best and I'm grateful to be doing business with you. I will be in touch with you to do my next order SOON! One question what exactly is on the CD that come with the j23's**

**sure no problem i'll touch basis with you later this week. Thank you again, i apprciate your honesty.your company is the best.** **Hello I just talk to you on the phone. I want to ask you a question. you seem like honest man and was wondering if you can help me find honest person that have apple electronic product. people i have talked to in china all thieves but you honest man you sent shoe like you promise. I want to get shoes also but need help with electronics.**

**I thank u for your timing coropration, im happy to know we can count on you. We look forward to growing this relationship with you. God Bless.**

**And so are we. Honestly I think Your website and company is the best one we've been dealing with so far.You keep in touch with us about our products and we Love that about you. Our friendship is going to be GREAT good, if first transaction go smooth we will be doing alotttttt of buisness with you so i am looking forward to your honesty. you have my trust,please keep it.**

**Micheal li,I got my first parcel, and the quality is the best. I will let you know when I recieve the other parcel. I will place another order with you soon.Thanks, Charles**

**Micheal li,I am glad to be doing busines with you again. I think that these new J23's are going to do alot of business in my area. I will make another purchase as soon as I get this order from you. I am going to get another number soon, as soon as I get it, I will give it to you so that we can talk direct. Thanks**

**michael I thank you for giving me this opportunity to check out your goods and to see if everything is real. I am very grateful that you are such an honest businessman.**

**hello michael i recieved all the shoes, i'm very satisfied i will send the rest now. michael i mailed the rest of the amount promised to the same address. Thank you very much. I think we will be good friends.**

**I received all shipments.Thanks. Shoes are very, very nice. I like them very much.**

**Hi Michael.Ok, thank you now I feel much more comfortable with you all. I will indeed buy many products from your site.I have received the first package. The 4 NFL jerseys were nice.**

**I liked much of the service provided by you. and also others like the quality of the product. to do a request next week, 160 pairs. what is the value of 160 or 200 pairs? I appreciate the attention and like your work so much. Kisses for you .I regardes answer.Catia**

**Thank you. I appreciate your help!

I will make sure to check the website and get confirmation on what is in stock before paying next time. It was very nice doing business and I will have more business for you very soon.**

**thanks for a speedy deliverey. I should have the money for the nexts order today are the next day.**

**The end of the year is almost approaching. Wishing you a great New Year, great health and successful business. Thanks for your continued kindness and looking forward to another fantastic year. **

**thank you very much for your good service this year. I will be in touch soon with more order. merry christmas to everyone in china. john **

**thank you for your good service, i will be sending the money to you tomorrow. thank you.** Joseph: mike the shoes are great!!!!!!!!!!! I will definately put a larger order in a week! Thanks very much for your excellent customer service! thank you so much!!! Country: UK Date: 2008

Derek: Wonderful!!! I can't wait to get them so I can sell them and order more of them again. Thank you so much for working fast and keeping me up to date with everything. Thanks a million. Country: USA Date: 2008

john: just sending you an e mail to say thank you for the shoes, i am very happy and hope to buy more very soon, Thanks Mike,  you are the best!!! Country: USA Date: 2008

Tom:YOU U TOO MAN!!! I LOVE U!!! Thank you for all the helped .Yes, I got my order and I love the quality. Now can I get 600 pair of the in stock shoes for $.....? Please let me know asap! Then I will send you my 600pairs that I want. Thanks. Country: USA Date:2008

Nick: I already tracked them, It worked today. I want to say thank you for your service It has been great. I have dealt with other company's in China and yours is the best. I will continue to use your company in thefuture. I will be entering another order in 2 weeks. I will also leave a good note on your web site. Thanks again for your help! Country: USA Date: 2008

Linda: Hi Micheal yes I did get the shoes thank you very much they are great!!!You did not make a mistake in the delivery of the shoes. The courier delivered them to my home as you directed but I work at XX School in the office so I had the courier deliver them to me at work.I have been telling my friends and work colleagues all about shoeskk and they are very interested and will probably contact you in the future. I do trust you and your business and I will be getting in touch with you again very soon to order some more of your wonderful shoes.Thank you for taking the time to make sure I received my shoes and I lookforward to doing more business with you very soon. Kind Regards , Linda :-) Country: New Zealand Date: 2008

Tyrone: The shoes that I ordered have come in this morning and they look great. I am very greatful for all of your help and support and I will order again very shortly. Thanks again.Sincerley, Country: UK Date: 2008

Kia: I just received the last box. The shoes came out really nice, especially the Women's TL3 series (pink/slvr and orange/slvr). I will be ordering more of it soon. Thanks again. Country: USA Date: 2008

WILLIAM: hi, thank you for the shoes. they were great! My customers loved them. They were very happy! I am all ready to order again. Again, thank you! One more thing, Is it possible to use ?Country: USA

Pascal: hi i just recieved the shoes and i loved them thank you so much and i will be ordering more here soon, and some purses too and sorry for bugging so much........... Country: Germany

Raff: hey. my name is Raff and i am from interested in purchasing dome shoes and hear you guys are a great there a minimum amount for the first purchase? im probably thinking around 20 pairs to start.does that price list include shipping to australia Thank you very much.Raff. Country: Australia

Grant: Hello Michael,Just wanted to say thank you for sending out all the shoes in excellent condition. Also, thank you for sending me the smaller shoes boxes. I was looking at your website and wanted to know whether you can make the Shox TL3 in a pink color (like TL3W-03 which is red but make it in pink)?? Please let me know if you can have your factory make it. Thanks. Country: UK

WELSEY: Thank you for responding so fast. I will be ordering more shoes from you next month. Talk to you soon. Thanks again!! Country: Canada

James: Hello Mr. Lin I recieved the shoes and I am pleased with them. I would like to know if you have any of the Air force 1 25th aniveresary edition shoes in size 13 and if not when will you have some in stock.If you will let me know I will place another order.Thank You in advance and like always its a pleasure working with you but before i send money i need a call from you. Country: USA

Carter: hello friends in china, i was very pleased with my last order of trainers and i would like to order more. can you tell me a price in great britain pounds please? the trainers i would like to order are: ok thanks. I will send money tomorrow. We have done good business with each other and I want to do more in the future. Country: UK

Jeff: Michael,I received my order yesterday. The sneakers are excellent. Thanks for the quick service. Regards,Jeff Country: Italy

Rudy: Hi i recieved my order today and i am very satisfied thanks for the great business. I have a question for my next order how much are these shoes??? please write back asap thanks Country: France

Larry: Thanks for the shoes!! They are great. I am going to be starting a Sporting Goods store over here in the US and want to start selling many of the shoes that you supply. I would like to start an arrangement of buying shoes from you, the number will vary from time to time but in a years time I could see it being close to 500 - 1000 pairs of shoes. Country: USA

Rui: First let me say Thank you for shipping my orders on time, I am very happy with your service and with your product. I hope we can do business for many years.I want to make an order of about 300-350 pairs of shoes shox, What price can you give me. Please let me know as soon as possible. Country: UK


Celine: Once again Thanks for your amazing customer service! I will contact you again shortly for the other 5 orders during this week. Country: United States

Christia : Hello Mikel! Thankyou VERY much. You have been very helpful to me and answered all my queries. i will order sample very soon and many more to come . Thankyoufor all your help again. Kindly. Country: France

Carol: Ok I Dont Have My Prepare List With Me Right Now But I Will Send It To You tomorow Or Day After. Thank You Very Much.You Are Real Good Company... Country: USA

Alex: Thanks again for your immediate attention I will be making an order in about a week hoping to get at least 10-15 pairs how much should will it be with the drop shipping? Country: Canada

Mullen: I got the shoes, they look great, thanks! Thank you I recieved the order very prompt this time........ Country: USA

Tyler: Hi my name is tyler and i live in the united states. I was wondering if you guys had the Air Jordan 16's low eaither in all black or the white and red? I am very intrested in ordering some large orders please let me know soon my friends have told me you guys are amazing! Country: USA

Khufu: I received the shoes today. I liked them very much thanks. the quality is great, I still want to do business with you. Now what I need to know is what model do you have available in soccer shoes ranging from size 10 to 13 US.I am Really Glad You Ask Me About That Before U Send Out That Shoes.Thank You. Country: United States

Ralph: Hi my name is Ralph, i will begin ordering shoes and clothes in the middle of May. I've heard great things about this company. I would like to know if there is a better price list, if so how many pairs of shoes would i have to buy to get them. Please contact me via E-mail at (?. Country: UK

Dion: I have received the shoes today, thank you very much for being so honest,and thank you for the good customer service and quick delivery. Country: USA

Martha: I had a few other Chinese companies trying to get me to buy their goods, but I said I was happy with the company I do business with right now ( I've bought almost $1,000 so far from you since the beginning of the year and I hope to purchase more in the future. I want to have a long term purchase relationship with your company so I hope you are happy. Country: USA

Betty: Thank you very much for the tracking number to my order, now I know I can trust you. I hope my order arrives safely I will let you know as soon as it gets here. Country: United States

Doug: you guys are very good with your customer service, thank you so much, first time i have dealt with international dealers.i LOOK FORWARD TO DEALING IN MORE SHOES. Country: USA

Sean: Thank You very much. The shoes are great for resale. Just one suggestion: when you guys are putting in the shoes, but paper inside, so they dont lose their figure. Other than that, it looks great. Talk to you soon on the next order. Country: USA

Bing: hi michael, i got the shoes. thank you very much. i love it ! do you carry women Gucci shoes? please let me know.have a good day. Country: USA

Jacques: Thank you so much for letting me know you got the money. Trust me, Im not worried at all. You have always been so good to me. I just cant wait to get the shoes so that way on the next order I can order 100 pair. The reason I didnt get 100 pair this time is because my car messed up and I had to pay almost 1,300 usd. That really hurt because I like ordering in the 100's. Take care and let me know when you send them off. Thanks. Country: USA

Andrew: hello i recieved my shoes today and i wanted to greatly thank you for the quality and the condition of the boxes. If i send 3600 can i get xxpair of shoes i will need at least 3 AF1L and 2 woman shoes if possible. If you are able to do this then please get back to me asap if not then email me and let me know what you can do for the 3600. I ready to send i am so happy with your business. Country: France

Beet: Thank you. I was very satisfied wit your product. I will be doing much business with you in the future. And again thank you for your fast and very good service. Country: USA

Roy: i was very satisfied by your quickness and proffesionalism, i recommended you to a partner of mine/ good friend. I believe he inquired to you about a pair of shoes. his nameis xxx. I let him know he was in good hands.Country: United States

Jean: Hey Michael,The shoes that I received today looked excellent and thank you very much for folding up the boxes to prevent smashing. I am very satisfied with this order. Thank you again. Country: USA


Henry: Hello, If I order 50 pair how much will you charge me??? Also on that note how much will you charge me for 100 pair??? I am getting more money now that I order with you. Can you please add with that the matching boxes and let me know the full price? You have been you good to me and I enjoy doing business with you. Let me know as soon as possilbe. Thank you sooo much Country: USA

Steven: Thank you so much you, you have been very helpful. I am very satisfied with your prices and will be ordering from you real soon.Thank you. Country: Canada

Little: Your Shoes Are So Beauty. I am Glad To Do Business With You. Thank You In Your Price List Is When I Will Take 8Pair Of Shoes You Will Give Me Price 42USD For One Pair.So I Want Take Another 8 Shoes For 336USD. Country: United States

Jason: Do you you carry any more modern basketball shoes? I know the Jordan brand will sell very well but I was wondering if you have any more of the new shoes line of shoes. Thanks for your help and I am excited to start working with you. Country: USA

Billy: Hello,I have received all of the shoes and they are selling very fast. I appreciate how fast you get everything here. WOW. Thanks again my friend. Country:

Robin: Hello,well I think that is ok with me. I do want to get back to ordering a hundred at one time. I have took a big lost last year but with the help of you I will get back on top. Thank you soo much for getting me a better price on the shoes. You are the best for ever! Trust me, we will be doing business for years to come. I promise. Well I am very sleepy now. After i pay my rent I will be ordering again with you. Thanks. Country: United States

Peter: Incredible, You have my business for life. I cant ask for anybody better. I knew I could count on you. So how much will it cost for me to have the boxes match? WOW!!! So, so, so happy with you. Also, on the shipping. If I wanted you to ship to me by DHL do you know how much that will be? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you sooooo much for fixing my little problem. Your customer for life. Country: USA

Bruce: Im so thankful to be doing business with you. I will only do business with you now that I know you can get any shoe I want. You guys make me so happy. I wont hold you up, just let me know when you have the tracking numbers ok? Once again I am do happy, thank you soooo much. I am so happy to know all of you. I am such a happy customer.Take care. Country:USA

Joey: I got my shipment..The shoes are great!!! I will be getting a big order from you soon.. Look forward to doing more business with you! Thanks. Country: Israel

Sally: Hi. I bought a few pairs of shoes from you last week and they just arrived today. The quality is great! thanks again for everything i was very happy with my shoes. I would like to order some more! Country:

Kia: Hello and Happy New Year!The items arrived and the quality of the shoes were good. Thank you and I look forward to ordering again from you soon. Country: CHILE

Jim: Hello! I received my shoes today, and I just wanted to thank you for your great assistance. The shoes look great and they fit perfectly! I will come back to shop for more shoes some time:) Best regards. Country: USA

Mandy: ok,thank you so much for all your help and willing to work with me!please be sure to contact me as soon as you get the shoes in.I look forward to doing more business with you! as a result of your honor and word I have highly recommended you. you should have more orders soon. whenever you get the playboy shoes,I have more orders that will go out to you.i now have a number of people looking forward to them!!! Country: USA

Bobby: Thank you very much about all your attention for me.I'm impressed. I am happy that we can do long term business again. I loved the quality of your shoes.And once I recieve this order then I will order my next order from you. Country: France

Smith: I have received my shoes and I' m very happy. Please with the quality and with the delivering process. I'm going to place another order A.S.A.P. Thank You very much!!! Country: USA

Torunn: Hello, Received package today... Thanks for the fast shipment... Great doing business with you... Talk to you soon. Country: USA


Alice: Hi my freind, could you look at this website., they have alots of clothing and shoes. and let me know if you will be able to get some of those thing. will christmas is come and i will need to order some stuff for my family. I will look at your site when i get home from work. I recieve the other 6pair today. I am going to keep doing business with you, because you are a great person who keep his word, Thank alot, Country: USA

Sam: I have recieved the shoes and I am extremley happy with the quality expect to be hearing from me soon for a larger order thank you. Country: New York

Bill: great man thanxx i appreciate it im preparing my next order so just let me know when ready, since we have a busness relatinship and i am very happy with the service all the time. Country: USA

Steve: Yes, I am very happy with the quality of the shoes. I am going to your website now to place another order. Thank you, Country: France


Carrie: i recieved 7 pair of shoes today i was very excited to recieve so fast. if the quality stays like this we will make alot of money. i will be sending 1000 usd how many pair can i get. hope to hear from you soon! Country: USA

Tony:I finally got the order. Thank you once again for you excellent customer service and patience. I appretiate doing business with you and will continue to do so. Once agin Thank you. Country: USA

William: All right thank you so much. Now I placed and order about 2 weeks ago can you cancel it I have another order that i'm going to place it's a little bigger order and i'll put it through later today. Thanks so much for being honest and I hope to hear from you soon. w Country: Texas

Mark: How are you my friend Everything over here is going so much better now. But I still got everything. Thanks for keeping your word. You should know that I will be placing another order really soon. I really appreciate your business. Sorry for taking so long to respond back. My computer was down. Things are going great now. Talk to you soon. Thanks Country: USA

David: I got your message about replacing the shoes. Thank you very much for the great customer service. Here is a list of the shoe ids. Please send me a tracking number for the following shipment when it is shipped out. Thank you . s Country: Canada

Doug: Thanks for your service. I was very satisfied with our transaction. I believe I will be making a bigger order today or tomorrow. How many pairs of shoes can I get for 850 dollars Country: Florida

Robert: That I spend enough money for you to make some profit. I really want to make big orders with you so you can make good money. You seem to be very caring and honest too! Your the best yet. I really enjoy doing business with you. This is the time of year where I will be making 100 pair orders, but in a few months I will be making really big orders. How much will you charge me for 50+50=100 half all white air force ones lows and all black air force ones lows? And I think I might order 200 pair next time too! How much will you charge me for 200 pair? Thank you so much and I hope all is well with you my friend. Country: USA

Derek: well i'm going to try and get some rest, it looks like i have a busy day ahead of me, i want to thank you for your patience and for helping me answer every question under the sun. you're great. i will be looking forward to doing buisness with you in the very near future for a long time. not to scare you off, but i'm sure i will come up with more questions for the next time we talk.thank you so much! Country: USA

Edmund: I recieved your email and checked out your web site and I loved what I saw. You have everything that we are selling and would like to add to our stock. I have to talk things over with my partner but I can assure you that we will choose you as our primary and only supplier. Your prices are what we are looking for. Country: Canada

Jack: Do I like the prices? Oh yeah! I like the way you do business and how you keep me with whats going on. Yeah, Im a happy customer. Very happy. Your on top of things and yes I will be ordering really soon. Really, really soon. Since I see I can count on you that just makes me feel real good about doing business with you. Now we just go to wait on the shoes to get here and let business grow. Thank you once again. Country: USA

Victor: Thats alot. I will beat that real soon. Trust me. I do have to say I that I like you alot. I think I will try some jordans sometime soon too! My company is really happy with you. Well I guess that I will speak with you later. By the way, let me know when you have the tracking numbers ok? Take care my friend till the next time. Country: USA

Don: I like it. That is good enough for me to work with. Thank you for taking care of me. Now with the next order I should be ordering really soon. What is the biggest order you ever had before? Im just wondering if its ok to ask? Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon. Country: Texas

Jacques: My company is impressed with you and we all have came together and think that since you understand that we enjoy your business and we what to keep spending with you alot more we will accept them numbers you have given us and will be placing that order very soon. We all respect you and trust in you very much. Trust me, It will get even better then this. Country: USA

Joseph: But the prices are only if I order 200 at one time. If this is too low let me know. I am will to work with you because of how good you are to me So email me back and let me know what you think my friend. Thank you alot and lets find that right price for the both of us. Country: USA

Ben: Mick it's on, the jeans are great. I just can't stop looking at them, and the bargain feels as if i stole them. Thank you for your follow up I would like to make another large order. Country: New York.

Melissa: Glad to see everything moving good over there. I really like how you guys do business. Trust me, we will be doing alot of business. Right now im just to know you and how you work and I am very pleased with everything. We will get to the point where I am ordrering very big from you guys. Well keep up the great work and thank you for all your help and you have a customer for life. Yours truly. Country: USA

Vanessa: I have good news .Well the good news is that the shoes came out great! They had stuffing and everything. we are very happy with them. I know I can count on you. Your the best yet! I just wanted to know. Thats all. Country: washington

George: Hello its George again. How are you my friend? I hope all is well with you. Business is good and I hope it gets better. thank you much im not worried i know you are good business i will hope to buy a lots more. Country: USA

Andy: Received package. Thank you. Getting ready to place another order. Enjoy doing business with you and look forward to much much more.


Ted: I really enjoy doing business with you. Thank you for the call. In the morning I will pick up all the shoes. I would have got them today but I missed the mail man. No problem to me. I am putting my next order together right now as we speak. My company wants to order 100 pair. The shoes are coming out to be pretty good quailty. Im working on getting some more addresses right now. So we will be doing even more business really soon. Thank you lots!!!!! Country: USA

James: Thank you for the order confirmation email. I appreciate the excellent customer service that you guys have provided. I am glad to say that I am very satisfied with the product and its time of delivery. Thank you once again and I will surely be doing more business with your company sometime soon. Country: United States

Henry: I believe in you, so I not worried. I trust you. I have a pretty big company and I will be making really big orders with you. Any ways its ok. My customers are going crazy over the air force ones. Well thank you for letting me know about the sizes and its not a problem at all. Thanks for being honest. I really appreciate that. Thank you. Country: New York

Thomas: Wow! Your really on top of things. I like that. You are very professional. I am very pleased with how you work. Thanks alot. Country: UK

Mike: I have to change my order(48pairs), due to my clients see the shoes ,They are very happy. I have a order for 13 pairs so far and will add more to the list. Country: Canada

Paul:?Thanks, I received my first order, the quality was outstanding. I am a happy customer. I am getting some more orders together than I will make my next purchase from you.?Thanks. Country: France

Erik: Thank you very much the shoes are very good.I will be getting back for more very soon. oh,michael U R MY BRO. 4-LIFE thanx again for your time. Country: America

Joseph: Please let me know when you receive this Michael, thank you very much for the business. I look forward to doing much more business in the future.I appreciate your help and honesty. Country: Brazil

Victor: Your service is really very well. Better than all others. Country: Australia

Paul:?Thanks, I received my first order, the quality was outstanding. I am a happy customer. I am getting some more orders together than I will make my next purchase from you.?Thanks. Country: France

Erik: Thank you very much the shoes are very good.I will be getting back for more very soon. oh,michael U R MY BRO. 4-LIFE thanx again for your time. Country: America

Joseph: Please let me know when you receive this Michael, thank you very much for the business. I look forward to doing much more business in the future.I appreciate your help and honesty. Country: Brazil

Victor: Your service is really very well. Better than all others. Country: Australia


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